Writer, Reader, All Around Sci-Fi & Fantasy Geek With a Large Helping of Hopeless Romantic


Allyson holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from American Military University and is passionate about all things writing and reading, particularly in the speculative fiction arena.

She currently writes fantasy and paranormal romance while wrangling a teen and an elementary school student at home, enjoying the well-earned peace of a retired military servicemember.

Originally from Ohio, she traveled the world while in the Air Force and has returned to Ohio to settle down. She loves writing, books, crafting, and quiet time.

Works in Progress

Working Title: Pawn
High Fantasy

Working Title: Burn
Paranormal Romance

Working Title: Reluctant Princess
Fantasy Romance


Allyson is always available to chat about books, writing, fantasy, scifi, and crafting. Please don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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