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Established in September of 2021, this blog focuses on the writing journey of Allyson Pauley as well as articles on fantasy fandom topics.


Fantasy Recommendation: Brightly Burning

When I first read Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. Being used to her trilogies for years, it felt odd to contemplate reading a standalone. Even her book By the Sword was more of a continuation of previous books and a bridge between two trilogies…

Fantasy Recommendation: The Owl Trilogy

As happens sometimes with even our favorite authors, my initial impressions of the Owl trilogy weren’t the best. I loved that Mercedes Lackey showed us an unfamiliar area of Valdemar than previously explored in it, but some characters rubbed me the wrong way. All right. The main character annoyed the hell out of me in…

Fantasy Recommendation: The Mage Storms Trilogy

Sometimes, the most interesting characters are the ones who aren’t “heroic” characters yet who save the world, anyway. Set a character like that into a world literally dissolving into chaos, and anything is possible. The Mage Storms trilogy takes several of those characters and gives them a nearly impossible task: work together to save the…

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